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Discover the versatile designs and capabilities of Signia hearing aids, developed to enable everyone, regardless of their hearing loss levels, to engage and experience the most out of life. Learn more about Signia hearing aids.

Signia Hearing Aids


Pure Charge & Go IX

Pure Charge & Go IX, known for its crystal-clear sound and user-friendly design, caters to various auditory preferences. This rechargeable Signia hearing aid offers better sound quality and a design that offers ease of use for everyday activities.

Silk Charge & Go IX

Silk Charge & Go IX, with its minimalistic and instant fit, provides optimal comfort and clarity. This hearing aid is suitable for those who prefer a discreet design without compromising on sound quality in their daily interactions.

signia Styletto AX hearing aid - listening lab singapore

Styletto AX

Styletto AX is the epitome of style and optimum sound. Its sleek design is matched by its impressive audio clarity, making it a preferred hearing aid for those with an active, contemporary lifestyle.

Insio Charge & Go AX

The Insio Charge & Go AX, with its minimalistic, custom fit, is designed for optimal comfort. This Signia hearing aid offers optimum sound quality, catering to the specific hearing needs of each user.

Motion Charge & Go X

Motion Charge & Go X is designed for versatility and optimum comfort. This Signia hearing aid supports active lifestyles with its superior sound and ease of use for a comfortable listening experience.

Pure 312 X

The Signia Pure 312 X, a compact yet powerful hearing aid, offers improved hearing technology in a small, elegant design. It is suitable for those seeking a blend of functionality and simplicity.

signia Pure Charge And Go AX hearing aid - listening lab singapore

Pure Charge & Go AX

Pure Charge & Go AX is an all-rounded hearing aid combining Signia’s technology with practical use. It provides optimal hearing comfort, suitable for everyday situations.

signia Silk X hearing aid - listening lab singapore

Silk X

Silk X, Signia’s smallest and most discreet model, offers natural sound quality and comfort. This ready-to-wear, minimalistic hearing aid is designed for those who value subtlety in their hearing solutions.

Signia Active Pro hearing aid - listening lab singapore

Active Pro

The Active Pro is designed for dynamic lifestyles, offering optimum sound clarity and improved connectivity features. It is suitable for those constantly on the move.

Signia Pure Charge & Go X hearing aid - listening lab singapore

Pure Charge & Go X

Pure Charge & Go X is the preferred companion for everyday use, blending comfort, style, and functionality. This model offers an optimal hearing experience for diverse needs.