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Someone once said to me “our deepest memories are usually our strongest motivations in life.” It was certainly very true for me.

The Listening Lab came to be because of such a memory. My grandma, Mdm Lim Poh Yu – or “Po Po” as we called her, was a hearing aid user for the last third of her life. She struggled with hearing loss throughout but was only fitted fairly late in life as back then as hearing loss was not a commonly understood disease.

I remember her personal ritual with her hearing aid: She would only wear it when she knew friends or family were visiting. She would first take a bath, get dressed, towel-dry her hair, comb her hair backwards then get her Rexton Pocket Hearing Aid out.

She would then attach the receiver cable to the pocket aid, clip the boxy-looking device to her blouse and very gingerly place the earpiece into her ear canal. It would then be switched on and the whole family regardless of where they were in the home, would instantly be notified that the hearing aid was “on” because of the squealing feedback! In the past, hearing aids without feedback detection and cancellation technology, would scream and wait till the user slowly fidgeted and shifted the earpiece tightly into the ear. When it was firmly fitted, the hearing aid would go silent and lo and behold: Po Po was able to hear!

Without her hearing aid, Grandma was very much socially restricted. She relied almost entirely on visual cues to understand others and because of that, I grew up learning to speak with wildly gesticulating hands.

Grandma passed away too early for her time in the 1990s, never seeing us into adulthood. She also never had the opportunity to experience the advancements in hearing technology that could improve her life.

Now even after several decades in audiology, I tell this personal story to industry partners, clients and friends about how my childhood interaction with hearing aids was like. Many of my peers had similar stories and I now realize that my memories had an indelible imprint on my life and took me on the path to start The Listening Lab. Whatever inadequacies that Po Po faced because of the lack of audiology know-how, became a driving force and my personal mission to deliver the best retail hearing care experience possible.

I started as a hearing professional in a tiny center in Bishan (Singapore), then progressed to work for the largest multinational companies in the training of hearing professionals worldwide and the development of retail hearing services to the public. I was also involved in developing some of the most advanced hearing devices of their generation.

With me throughout this journey, was how I could improve the life of someone like Po Po who was most essentially a loving grandma, a jovial spirit and a cherished memory.

This, is my inspiration for The Listening Lab

- Kelvin Lee, Founder

Better Hearing,
Our Speciality.


There isn’t a “one size fits all” strategy to address your unique hearing needs, whether you are using hearing aids or implants. The difference is in how we conduct our hearing tests and hearing rehabilitation to help you determine what you hear, resulting in the best and most accurate hearing possible from our devices.


The Listening Lab has a clear mission: Using heart & science, we aim to restore hearing for everyone in need.

Our scientific approach – from the head – provides us with the best solutions for our clients. Our approach from the heart, provides the patience, tenacity, and humanity to educate and guide clients to overcome the adaptation hurdles required before a permanent improvement begins.


To be at the forefront provider of hearing technologies in order to and bring enjoyment and comfort to life.

Whether a child, growing teen, working adult, or senior retiree, we strive always to be the best hearing care partner to people of all ages and walks of life.



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