Hearing Aid Fittings

    Properly fitting a hearing aid requires expertise, knowledge and patience.

    Tinnitus Relief

    Persistent tinnitus can affect your life in many negative ways. Learn what tinnitus is about and how to minimise its impact on you.

    Hearing Aid Maintenance & Cleaning

    The Listening Lab employs modern and advanced systems to diagnose the health of your hearing aid and maintain it to pristine standards.

    Home Visit

    Customers with mobility issues can choose our home visit services, which we provide in both Singapore and Malaysia.

    Remote Hearing Care

    You are now able to have your hearing aids programed and adjusted from anywhere in the world without even leaving your home and visiting us!

    Lifetime Aftercare Program

    You will be automatically enrolled into our exclusive Lifetime Aftercare Program when you completed a hearing aid fitting with us.

    Hearing Enhancement System

    If you are a construction industry professional and wish to understand more about how Hearing Enhancement Systems can be installed in your premises, contact us now for a 1 to 1 session with our consultant.

    Hearing Test

    An accurate hearing test is the first step to improving your hearing with properly fitted hearing aids.

    Cochlear Implant

    A very good solutions for people with hearing losses who do not benefit from hearing aids.

    Central Auditory Processing Disorder

    Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) is an umbrella term for different disorders that affect how the brain processes auditory information.