The Blue Ear Sign

the blue ear sign - the listening lab singapore

This Sign is one that means a world of difference for people with hearing loss. Any facility in Singapore that has this Blue Ear sign also has a hearing loop present. In Singapore, the Blue Ear sign holds profound significance as a symbol of accessibility and inclusion. This iconic emblem, featuring a vibrant blue ear […]

Ultimate Guide in Choosing The Best Hearing Aids Brand To Improve Hearing

best hearing aid brands singapore

Hearing loss affects one’s quality of life in a variety of ways. From communication problems, social withdrawal, and emotional problems to an increased risk of dementia as one gets older. This is where hearing loss mitigation comes into play to keep the negative effects from escalating. One of the common methods is through hearing aids. […]

Understanding Types of Hearing Loss and The Right Treatments

The ability to hear daily conversations, birds singing in the morning or the joyful laughter of friends and family is frequently taken for granted. One may not realise how fortunate they are to be able to hear those sounds until they experience hearing difficulty. The misery increases, as our world is designed for people with healthy […]

Preventing Hearing Loss in Old Age

Learn how to prevent hearing loss in old age with our comprehensive guide. Discover simple lifestyle changes and practical tips to protect your ears.

Tympanometry: What You Need To Know

Tympanometry evaluates the middle ear’s function and detects conditions such as ear infections, fluid in the middle ear, and eardrum perforations. Learn more…

Selective Hearing: What You Need To Know

Selective hearing, also known as “auditory selective attention,” is the ability to focus on specific sounds or voices while tuning out others. Learn more.