What to Expect During a Hearing Test

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Thinking of getting your hearing checked? Good for you, we highly advise you to do so! Whether you’re experiencing symptoms of hearing loss or not, being proactive helps ensure the overall wellness of your hearing health. Knowing what to expect during a hearing test can help lessen your worries and encourage you to become more comfortable going to your hearing care centre.


Backtracking of History


In order to assess your condition easier and more accurately, you will have to let your consultant know about your overall hearing, medical histories, and concerns. In one of our articles, we discussed how it can be beneficial to prepare a note, so it’s easier to remember every detail that needs to be disclosed to make your visit worthwhile.

Read this full article to know everything you need to prepare before your hearing test.


Ear Inspection


In the next part of your hearing evaluation, your hearing care professional will look into your ears using an otoscope. This is a medical device that health care providers use to peek into a person’s ears. Using an otoscope allows the consultant to view the ear canal and eardrums, which can possibly give an indication of the causes of hearing loss. Also, it is important to check any wax buildup as it can hinder precise measurement of hearing. That gives us another reason why this step is important.


Hearing Tests


Your hearing will be tested in a variety of ways. This will enable your consultant to narrow down all the possible causes and come up with an accurate diagnosis and solution later on. Also, take note that procedures may vary depending on your issues, concerns, and the hearing centre itself. But to give you an idea, here are the common tests carried out during hearing evaluations.


Pure-tone audiometry: During this test, your hearing care professional will ask you to wear an earphone, wherein beeps of different pitches and frequencies will be played. This test will determine the softest sound you can hear by responding to the beeps either by raising your hand or pressing a designated button.


Speech audiometry: This is a bit similar to pure-tone test. While the previous test exposes you to sounds, this one involves actual words. This test is carried out with the use of earphones too. The consultant will determine how well you are able to recognise speech by asking you to repeat words in different environment setups—with and without background noise.


Result Discussion


After the tests, your hearing care professional will discuss with you the results, which is presented through an audiogram. This is a graphic record that indicates the softest sounds you are able to hear at different pitches and frequencies, and therefore allows the hearing professional to identify the degree of your hearing loss.

Your consultant will be able to tell whether you will be needing further consultations or reevaluations. He or she will also suggest if the use of a hearing device is necessary.

As you can see, hearing evaluation is painless, non-invasive, and lasts at around 1-2 hours only, so a trip to your friendly hearing care centre shouldn’t be scary at all. If so, it should be something you look forward to because the moment you get out of the hearing care clinic is the start of better, more comfortable lifestyle for you.

At all our Listening Lab branches, we offer state-of-the art facilities for our full spectrum of hearing care services. If you suspect a decrease in your hearing ability, don’t hesitate to ask help from one of our hearing care professionals. To book a hearing test appointment in Singapore and Malaysia, call +65 6817 5100 and +603 7725 9334 respectively!

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