Useful Speech to Text Apps for Hearing Impaired Individuals

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Speech to Text Apps for hearing problem

It can be confusing when you start looking at various types of applications for your hearing problems. There are so many useful features and if you’re not careful, you might end up downloading the wrong app. 

To make sure you are installing the right speech to text application for your hearing condition, we have compiled a list below: 

  1. Chatable - It can be downloaded by Apple and Android users. One great feature of this app is the reduction of unwanted sounds. With this app, a person with hearing loss can experience 100% total sound clarity. It enhances the sound coming from the person you’re talking to, so it’s easier to communicate. Chatable works well with either wireless or wired earphones. The software works even if a person has hearing impairment for quite a long time. Volume control is available, so you don’t need to worry even in the middle of tough hearing situations. 
  2. Relay UK - Receiving phone calls are common problems encountered by hearing impaired people. Relay UK allows users to call using their mobile phones even if they’re away from the home phone. There are relay operators who will send verbatim messages on their behalf, so communication is clear and precise. Operators can also convert speech to text or vice-versa. Charges may apply on every call. Also available for iOS and Android users. 
  3. RogerVoice - Instead of having a live person on the line, RogerVoice uses a computer voice recognition algorithm that automatically converts speech to text, so communicating with the other party can be done with ease. One thing to note is RogerVoice relies on stable internet connection. So, you have to make sure the smartphone has a good internet service. To take advantage of this free service, you must use the RogerVoice app and ask your contacts to do the same.
  4. TextHear Personal - As a voice recognition app, it is downloadable by iOS and Android users. Users have unlimited usage on Android devices while Apple users have to pay for certain charges if they are using the app for a few minutes or so. It has remote hosting. It is also capable of adding punctuations during a conversation. 
  5. Hearing Helper - The only difference with this application is that you need to push a button before talking. Besides the usual speech to text feature, Hearing Helper helps you to increase the size of text.  
  6. Google Translate - Now, with this application, Google Translate recognises voice quickly using its own Google voice algorithm before translating it to your own language. With this app, it helps hearing impaired users to see properly encoded messages on their screens.     

While technology continues to change rapidly, it is expected that more useful features can be added to speech to text apps. Difficulty in hearing the sounds from your surroundings, however, is a serious problem and should not be taken lightly. The Listening Lab in Singapore offers hearing tests to help you understand your hearing situation and recommends quality hearing aids should you need one. You can speak to our hearing care specialists by visiting any of our branches in Singapore.

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