The Game-Changing Hearing Technology: Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have really gone a long, long way from since different makers started offering them.

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The Game-Changing Hearing Technology: Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have really gone a long, long way from since different makers started offering them. Gone were the days when these hearing devices used to be so bulky and could only last for a few hours. Today’s versions of hearing aids now include almost invisible, lightweight hearing apparatuses. And with the technological advancements that is continually being developed through the years, the possibilities within the hearing care industry are unlimited.

In moving forward, another added functionality to hearing aid’s is the Bluetooth capability.


First and foremost, what is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that connects short-range devices seamlessly, allowing you to transfer almost all kinds of data between two or more devices. A handful of gadgets sold in the market now incorporate the Bluetooth technology. This includes, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even watches.

In the recent years of hearing aid development, manufacturers have made a way to integrate this Bluetooth feature with hearing aids. What are the advantages of Bluetooth-enabled hearing devices? How do you know if this type of aids fit your kind of lifestyle?


Advantages of Bluetooth Hearing Aids


1. Connect to Your Smartphone

These are smart-phone ready hearing aids. Meaning, you can easily connect your device to your handy phones anytime you want. By simply pressing a button on your hearing aid, you can easily accept an incoming call. You can also respond by speaking through the built-in microphone that would automatically pick up your voice. The device allows you accept a call without even holding your phone. It is a very nifty advantage if you are driving or outdoors.

2. Connect to Your TV

You can also easily connect your hearing aid to your television set. With this, you can enjoy watching your favourite programs without the constant need to adjust the volume of the TV.

3. Standard Protocol

Bluetooth capability is a “one-size fits all” feature.  There is uniformity on how it works across all your devices. Meaning, there’s no need for you to constantly adjust the settings if you want to you use it on different devices such as television, tablet, smartphone, watch, or listening devices.


Disadvantages of Bluetooth Hearing Aids


1. It’s not for the gadget-shy

If you are not used to using modern gadgets, you may have a difficulty understanding it at first. These hearing aids with a Bluetooth capability work best with mobile phones or other devices. It is designed to be connected to multiple electronic devices. If you don’t own one, you might not be able to utilise this feature on a maximum level. Good news is, The Listening Lab provides proper orientation to help you adjust and get used to your new device.

2. Battery drain

Like any device, if the Bluetooth is consistently turned on and used, it will drain your battery. If in the middle of the day, your battery unexpectedly runs  out and you have no place to recharge your device, it might cause a huge hassle on you.

3. Streamer

Some Bluetooth hearing aids use a device called a streamer. It is a small remote-like object worn around the neck or in the pocket. While it may seem just small, some people still find it awkward to wear or inconvenient. However some models of smartphones dont even require this streamer. An example are Apple iPhones.

Are you now considering buying Bluetooth hearing aid? Why not ask the friendly hearing care professionals from The Listening Lab to learn more about these devices? You may visit us at any of our branches or contact us at +65 6817 5100.

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