The Aqua Kit - Advanced Bionics’ Latest Hearing Innovation

Advanced Bionics

Advanced Bionics (AB) is the only implant manufacturer that can help a Cochlear Implant (CI) recipient fully enjoy a water-proof hearing day in the sun, sand and sea.

Using AB’s latest innovation – The Aqua Kit developed for the CIQ90, the CI recipient will be able to bathe, swim or participate in outdoor activities without any compromise in hearing performance.

The Aqua Kit comprises of:

  • Aqua Mic Headpiece,
  • Aqua Case
  • Aqua Case Clip
  • Aqua Mic Cable
  • Aqua Mic headpiece Cover


Advanced Bionics

The Aqua Kit - Simply with Benefits

So Easy and Secure
The Aqua Case has an IP 68 rating for optimum protection against water, sweat, dust, or sand, in any environment. With a security lock to protect the Naida CI Sound Processor, its special corrosion-resistant material is a defensive shield against water, dirt, mud, sand, and other grime.

Wear it ‘worry-free’
With AB’s versatile accessories, the CI recipient can wear the Aqua Case on the arm, around the neck or just clip to a piece of clothing where preferred. Once secure, the user can enjoy activities without any worry that the processor will fall off.

Hearing with uncompromised performance
The Aqua Case is designed for use with a 100% waterproof Aqua Mic™ headpiece. The Aqua Mic is AB’s unique IP 68-rated microphone which requires no bag or enclosure that may significantly decrease sound quality. Hence, hearing performance will be uncompromised.

With the Aqua Kit, AB users can now live a high quality of life brought about by a better quality of hearing.

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