Singaporean Foods that can help Boost Hearing Health

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Hearing Health Boosting Singaporean Dishes

People with hearing impairment are always looking for ways to alleviate the effects of their condition. There are ways to strengthen your hearing health, and it includes exercise and eating the right food. Regular ear check-up also helps the hearing impaired to know which activities must be avoided. 

That said, here are some Singaporean foods that can be helpful to your hearing health: 

  1. Fried Carrot Cake from Singapore has a different twist since it has eggs and white flour cake. Different versions came from both Singapore and Malaysia. There are white and black versions of this. The one with molasses is the sweet version and the other one has white chunks of cake. Carrot cake has a delicious taste plus it gives the right amount of Potassium that also promotes good hearing health. 
  2. Wanton Mee is complimented by a sweet sauce with slices of pork on top of it. Singaporean restaurants have the dry type wanton noodles, but as time goes by, newer versions have been incorporated to the menu. Some wanton mee meals have more toppings while others have a few. But, food quality isn’t compromised. There are green leafy vegetables, pork and dumplings. These are just right to support your hearing health.   
  3. Dim Sum meals are usually served in smaller portions. There are versions with pork, vegetable and seafood fillings. If you’re looking for ways to maintain good hearing health, buying dim sum meals can be a fresh start. It is available around the city of Singapore. It has protein, potassium, zinc and Omega 3 to properly maintain good hearing. 
  4.  Zinc promotes cell growth and prevents inflammation. Certain Infections can also damage our immune system and negatively affect hearing health if we’re not careful. Consider eating Bak Kut Teh which means pork ribs soup that contains a high amount of Zinc. Added spices make it so flavourful.   
  5. If you think you’re overexposed to loud noises, better to buy fish products that are rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin D. It slows down the aging process and prevents major hearing problems that can affect your lifestyle on a daily basis. Hot chili crabs are served with black pepper sauce ready to satisfy your cravings. Another one to try is the Fish Curry which can be spicy for some, but it has an irresistible taste while enjoying the health benefit which is ideal for your hearing health. 

Choosing the food you eat on a day to day basis is practically essential to hearing health. Exercise and balanced diet are keys to a healthier lifestyle. There are many variations when we eat, you can simply prepare vegetable salad with a few pieces of meat plus hydrating yourself with water. Doing this allows you to take advantage of the nutrients to prevent hearing loss.  

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