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Signia NX Lineup

Signia’s latest hearing aids aims to provide the most natural hearing experience for hearing aid users. The Nx series, comprising of Pure 312 Nx, Pure 13 Nx and Motion 13 Nx, is suitable for all levels of hearing loss – mild, moderate, severe or even profound.

Have you ever put on your hearing aid and feel that the sound of your own voice is unnatural? Fret no more as Signia Nx is equipped with Its OVP™ (Own Voice Processing), designed to provide users with a natural sounding own voice for the most pleasant, natural listening experience.

You can also enjoy direct streaming of phone calls, music, and TV, or adjust the volume of your hearing aids simply by installing myControl App on your smartphone.

Pure 312 Nx

Boasting to be the smallest solution for a natural sounding own voice and direct streaming, the Pure 312 Nx is your elegant companions in natural hearing.

Maximum discretion
Fully featured

Pure 13 Nx

Strong performer for a natural sounding own voice and the longest streaming time, the Pure 13 Nx is your natural choice for performance and hearing.

Maximum energy efficiency
Fully featured

Motion 13 Nx

The flexible fit for a natural sounding own voice and direct streaming, the Motion 13 Nx provides you with delight in the sound of life.

A tailor-made hearing experience
High level of wearing comfort

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