Remote Hearing Care - An Alternative Service for Hearing Aid Users

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Alternative Hearing Care Service - Remote Assistance for Hearing Aid Users

In light of the COVID-19 situation, some of us prefer to avoid public areas. 

For hearing aid wearers, the situation made it more challenging to go to a hearing care clinic for hearing aid assistance.

Fortunately, there is an alternative for hearing aid users experiencing hearing aid problems. The service is called remote hearing care - a particular hearing care service offered remotely.

But how does remote hearing care help hearing aid users especially in situations like COVID-19?

Remote assistance

Remote hearing care, as an alternative service, works in a way that you don’t have to necessarily leave your home just to get help from your hearing consultant.

For instance, you are having a sound blast at home and your hearing aid suddenly bugs down and not working to your liking. The usual workflow in situations like this is to head out to your hearing center and ask for assistance.

With remote hearing care, however, you now have the option to just tap/activate a couple of options through a hearing aid app using your smartphone to signal assistance and soon enough your hearing consultant will get back to you to learn more about your issue and provide you resolutions after a couple of adjustments based on your reported hearing aid problem.

The beauty with remote hearing care is that your issue with your hearing aids will be resolved remotely, which is very helpful in situations where leaving your home is not possible.

Yes, we offer remote hearing care!

That’s right! The Listening Lab is pleased to provide remote assistance for hearing instrument adjustment to you! To learn more on how this works, visit our remote hearing care service page.

Our existing customers enjoy this service for free! If this is the first time you hear about us, you can avail our remote hearing care service by first visiting us for your initial hearing aid fitting and activation.

We want the best possible experience for our customers, so we made sure that we are offering something that provides assistance to our hearing aid clients wherever they may be.


Be worry-free when visiting any of The Listening Lab centers. All of our hearing centers have implemented a thorough hygiene and cleanliness protocol in light of COVID-19.

We do wipe-downs after every consultation to ensure a virus free environment not only for each and every client we have, but for ourselves too. This way we can perform our duties worry-free while making our clients comfortable and safe. Read: Critical reasons to only deal with hearing clinics with top-notch hygiene practices

Should you need to avail one of our hearing care services, feel free to reach us or visit our hearing centers.

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