How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Help People With Hearing Loss

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hearing Loss

It is obvious that new applications are introduced here and there. Reliability is always part of the question. The rise of Artificial Intelligence helps to make our lives easier and people with hearing impairment can quickly adapt to the environment around them.

AI is merely focused on software development that can facilitate automation for hearing problems. Filtering unwanted noise is a good remedy for all people with hearing loss. The good news is AI applications have more benefits than we can ever imagine.

That said, here are some of the AI applications below:

  1. Closed Captioning Personalisation - This type of AI has the ability to translate sign language to understandable text. Typically, this software has a feature that automatically changes sound quality depending on the person’s hearing care problems and environment. In Artificial Intelligence, it is often called programming or set of instructions that ensures a good, crisp sound when unwanted noises are being filtered.
  2. Auditory AI Assistant - It has a more advanced algorithm that supports the person’s hearing implant. When people have hearing care problems, this application helps with their hearing activities each day. It must be downloaded to take advantage of the natural language processing feature that helps in response automation. The downloadable app uses the microphone on every device.   
  3. Sound Isolation - The surroundings are always crucial to every person’s hearing health. AI uses a noise filtering process that supports users even in a noisy environment. Sound isolation focuses on clarity so people with hearing loss can concentrate on just one sound wherever they are.  
  4. Language Prediction on Hearing Implants - This application automatically predicts a possible language difficulty on people with hearing implants even at a younger age. The algorithm based its predictions on brain scans or patients who went through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). During a series of tests, the algorithm identifies the possibility of experiencing language barriers later or earlier in life.
  5.  Lip Reading - Lip reading applications on the internet were created to support people who have hearing care problems. In fact, they can analyse lip movements using advanced algorithms, so the hearing impaired can easily listen, speak and comprehend in crowded or noisy environments.
  6. Translation of Phone Conversations Into Text - There are downloadable apps that can convert phone conversation into detailed text messages. This algorithm reduces the difficulty of listening to audio conversations by generating readable messages on screen.   

While technology continuously moves forward, individuals who are suffering from hearing loss can expect many changes in the years to come since companies are doing their best to further develop the automation process as part of AI.

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