Everything You Need to Know About Smartphone-Ready Hearing Aids

Smartphones are one man’s greatest innovations. With it, we can easily connect to our loved ones, remain updated with what is going on in the society, and keep all our necessary informations with a single handheld device. However, it may not be as helpful to those who have difficulty hearing. A person with hearing loss misses the most basic functions of a smartphone such as calling. But all thanks to the ever developing technology, there already exists an effective solution to this dilemma. Have you ever heard of smartphone-ready hearing aids?

Benefits of Smartphone-Compatible Hearing Aids

Ultimately, the main advantage of purchasing smartphone-ready hearing aids is the ability that it gives wearers to leverage on technological benefits just like how a person with normal hearing can. Let’s dig deeper on this as we move on with this article.

  • Direct audio streaming

  • Smartphone-ready hearing aids have bluetooth features, which enables you to connect your device to your mobile phones. With this, users are able to pick up calls, listen to music, and watch videos without background noise getting in the way. These type of hearing aids have the power to cancel out unnecessary noise that hinders you from enjoying sounds from your smartphone.

  • Adjust your hearing aids through your mobile device

  • One of the main concerns of hearing aid wearers, especially the young ones, is having to adjust their device out in the open. Even though hearing loss in not something to be ashamed of, there still exists this stigma, which sometimes puts patients to a very difficult situation.

    With smartphone-ready hearing aids, wearers are able to adjust their device with their mobile phones. There’s no need to do it manually anymore, several apps enables patients to tinker the volume and other programs of their device with just several taps.

  • Remote hearing care

  • Smartphone-ready hearing aid also facilitates remote hearing care. What does this mean? This means you can have your device adjusted and programmed by your hearing care professional from anywhere around the world. No need to go out of the way to get to your consultant’s office. With just a smartphone and an Internet, you can go about it just as effective as doing it face-to-face.

    How Remote Hearing Care Works

    Now that we’ve mentioned about remote hearing care, let’s discuss how Listening Lab makes this service possible for our clients.

    Upon purchasing a smartphone-ready hearing aid, you will still need to visit one of our branches to facilitate hearing aid fitting and activation. In this visit, your consultant will also guide you in downloading the necessary mobile apps needed for utmost effectivity of your device.

    For instance, you are streaming a video from your smartphone and you decide to adjust it by yourself. However, something went wrong and now you can’t seem to figure out how to fix it. All you have to do is open up your mobile app and your hearing care professional will be there in just a while to assist you. After raising your concern, he or she will then recommend necessary adjustment based on your needs. Once you agree, your hearing care professional will be sending a new settings package via the mobile app and you’re all good to go again!

    Gone were the days when hearing loss patients are not able to use their smartphones to its maximum capability. With smartphone-ready hearing aids, everybody gets a fair chance to benefit from technology. Hearing loss patients have now reached a different level of comfort and convenience!

    Browse through our extensive list of smartphone-hearing aids today!

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