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Kelvin Lee

Mr Kelvin Lee is the founder and Executive Director of The Listening Lab group. Through his efforts, the Listening Lab is today the fastest growing Hearing Care retailer in Singapore and Malaysia.

Thank you for reading the first issue of The Listening Lab's email news letter. I'm really pleased to have the opportunity to reach out to all of you.

My team and I have worked tireless to bring the best of hearing care to the regions of Singapore and Malaysia over the last year. I'm very pleased to inform you that all of our centres have been successful and we have fitted many hearing impaired people with hearing aids that have helped them tremendously in their daily lives.

The news often reports that the populations of Singapore and Malaysia are aging quickly, and with aging comes the loss of hearing. I cannot understate how important it is for hearing impaired seniors to seek help in the form of hearing devices. Research all over the world has shown that hearing impaired seniors who do not use hearing devices to regain their hearing, suffering from a much higher risk of succumbing to dementia and other forms of mental deterioration. Just very recently this year, the Ng Teng Fong Hospital in Singapore released research to show that hearing impaired seniors who do not seek hearing assistance are 2.3 times more likely to suffer from dementia. Such statistics are things we cannot ignore for ourselves or our loved ones.

A visit to your local hearing centre does not always have to result in hearing aids! So don't worry so much. But what it will certainly do is to let you know whether you have a hearing loss or not, or whether it has become worse since your last test. Knowledge is power! That will help you make the best decision for your hearing health going forward.

For this reason, The Listening Lab will always provide 1st time hearing evaluations completely free. We want our friends and family in Singapore and Malaysia to be aware of their hearing health and take strong actions to make it better! I welcome you all to visit us at The Listening Lab.

Here are some articles my team has compiled for your reading pleasure! We hope that it will be engaging and educational for you.


Yours Sincerely,

Kelvin Lee

Founder & Executive Director

The Listening Lab Group

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