Signia Ace Primax

Signia Ace Primax

The smallest of the receiver-the-ear hearing aids, Ace™ tucks neatly behind the pinna, rendering it nearly invisible to others. Despite its tiny form, it delivers strong amplification for power for effortless listening. You can also use the touchControl™ App to make adjustments to programs and volumes easily.

  • Brand:
    Previously known as Siemens Hearing, the Signia range of hearing devices by Sivantos is built on 130 years of Siemens audiological innovation, making it one of the most established hearing instrument companies in the world.
  • Style:
    Receiver In Canal (RIC)
  • Battery life:
    7 days with 8 hours of daily usage
  • Features

    • A behind-the-ear hearing aid that is incredibly small
    • Ultra small behind-the-ear device that delivers a comfortable natural fit which can hardly be seen
    • SpeechMaster(TM) technology identifies voice patters and amplifies that over interfering noises
    • Pure's HD Music mode delivers outstanding music quality
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