Resound LiNX² RIE

Resound LiNX² RIE

The most advanced hearing aid in the Resound portfolio of hearing devices. With its specially designed silicon tip covered receiver, it fits into your ear canal with ease and can hardly be noticed when worn. Additionally it is fully compatible directly with your smartphone, whether it is Android of Apple smartphones. It also pairs seamlessly with your smart devices like the Apple Watch delivering a stunning listening experience.

  • Brand:
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    Part of the GN group - one of the largest hearing device manufacturers in the world - Resound is the flagship brand of hearing devices for GN. Resound was first in the world to launch "smartphone-ready" hearing devices which connect directly from your hearing aid to your smartphone, whether the device is Apple or Android powered.
  • Style:
    Receiver In Canal (RIC)
  • Battery life:
    12 days with 8 hours of daily usage
  • Features

    • Connect your hearing aids to your smartphone for a seamless experience
    • Listen to music directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids or make a call and hear the opposite party in the same way!
    • New SureFit system improves listening comfort and sound quality
    • GPS tracking enabled to find your hearing aids via the ReSound SmartApp should they go missing.
    • Personalise your hearing aid using the ReSound SmartApp to make adjustments to your treble, bass and directionality of your hearing device, without the need to see your audiologist.
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