The Listening Lab Remains Open during the Suspension of Business Activities ("Circuit Breaker").

The Listening Lab will remain open during the period of 7th April to 4th May 2020 as it is an essential service listed by the Ministry of Health.

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In this period, we will provide the following services:

  • Fitting of hearing aids (priority given to patients lost their hearing devices or parts of it)
  • The replacement and servicing of cochlear implant parts
  • Adjustment and programming of devices so that the clients can hear
  • Service and maintenance of hearing devices
  • Sale of replacement parts and accessories needed for hearing devices to function
  • If you are a user of hearing devices purchased from hospitals or other centers which have closed, the Listening Lab will waive half of its admin charges to provide you these services as well.


If you are seeking services with The Listening Lab, please be informed that all patients coming to our premises MUST WEAR FACEMASKS. This is necessary for your and our staff's safety.

We have the right to decline all patients who do not have masks or fail to follow reasonable hygiene protocol now.

We ask for your patience as we will be doing hygiene wipe downs after every patient.