Resound Enya RIE

Resound Enya RIE

A superior class of hearing aid that provides discreet comfort to the user, while providing advanced hearing technologies to help you hear better.

  • Brand:
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    Part of the GN group - one of the largest hearing device manufacturers in the world - Resound is the flagship brand of hearing devices for GN. Resound was first in the world to launch "smartphone-ready" hearing devices which connect directly from your hearing aid to your smartphone, whether the device is Apple or Android powered.
  • Style:
    Receiver In Canal (RIC)
  • Battery life:
    12 days with 8 hours of daily usage
  • Features

    • ReSound EnyaTM delivers excellent sound quality and speech understanding in discreet, durable designs.
    • It's wireless, so that means you can stream your favorite sound directly to your hearing aids with the 2.4 GHz wireless accessories.
    • Control your hearing aids using the ReSound Control App, whicih is available from the AppStore or Google Play.
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