Troubleshooting for Common Hearing Aid Problems

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Troubleshooting common hearing aids problems

Having problems with your hearing aids? Before heading out to your trusted clinic to purchase a new one, we advise you try out these quick and simple troubleshooting solutions first!

Problem: My hearing aids are not producing any sound.

Possible Solutions:
  • First off, make sure that your hearing aids are turned on. This is an honest mistake that people often fail to remember.
  • Also, check if the volume of your device isn’t turned all the way down. 
  • Or, maybe it’s the way the batteries were placed. Check if yours were properly inserted.
  • It can also be that your hearing aids already ran out of juice. Consider replacing it with a new set of batteries or charging it if you’re using rechargeable hearing aids (read: How powerful are rechargeable hearing aids). 
  • Make sure that nothing is blocking the microphone opening and sound outlet.
  • You can also try to tweak the settings and see if there is any improvement.

Problem: The sounds produced by my hearing aids are too soft or distorted.

Possible Solutions:
  • When this happens, try to see what level your device’s volume is at. Turn it up a bit and see if there are any changes.
  • Make sure that your hearing aids are free from wax or other substances that may have caused the distortion of sound.
  • It is also possible that your hearing has changed. If so, you may need to undergo an updated hearing evaluation to find out if it’s necessary for you to have your hearing aids adjusted. Avail a FREE hearing test!

Problem: My hearing aids are producing a whistling sound or feedback.

Possible Solutions:
  • Try reinserting your device to your ears. It is possible that you may have just improperly placed them.
  • The best solution here is to turn down the volume. This may prompt the whistling to stop.
  • Your ear canals may be blocked with earwax (read: What the colour of your earwax is telling you). There are two ways this could go wrong—the first is turning up the volume so you could hear through the earwax and the second is the sound bouncing off any blockage in the ear canals.
  • It could be that your hearing aids are not fitted to your ears properly and the sounds are leaking through the vent or around the earmold. What you can do is to have your hearing aids refitted. 

Have your hearing aids refitted! Consult with any of our hearing care centres in Singapore.

Problem: The sounds coming out my hearing device are not consistent.

Possible Solutions:

Can’t find the answer from any of the issues above? Your hearing aids could be due for a much needed maintenance and cleaning already. Check out how our hearing aid maintenance and cleaning service can help.

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