Travel Tips for the Hearing Impaired

How travelling can be made easy for hearing loss patients. Remember, preparation is the key. Read on!

Travel Tips for the Hearing Impaired

Travelling is one of the most worthwhile activities a person can ever embark on. Traveling allows us to meet new people, see new places, and experience a different culture. Nevertheless, it’s just as equally challenging as it is enjoyable. And this is even more true for people who are having difficulty in hearing.



Let’s break down all the common problems faced by hearing loss patients when travelling.

  • Not being able to properly hear announcements when boarding on airplanes and other modes of transportation
  • Not hearing alarms, doorbells, and phone calls when staying in a hotels and other lodging
  • Difficulty talking to attendants, communicating with receptionists ,ordering food in a restaurant, and other necessary conversations
  • Not being able to enjoy activities such as guided tours and live shows
  • Unavailability of interpreters



Fortunately, with a little planning, all these challenges can be overcome. Going on a trip soon? Avoid unnecessary stress by preparing yourself with these tips.


Tip #1: Sign up for travel alerts

Most airlines have integrated their announcements with texts, emails, and mobile apps now. Make sure to sign up and double-check information given to you,  so you never have to worry about missing an announcement again.


Tip #2: Note your hearing loss needs when booking

A lot of businesses have already started to implement hearing loss-friendly services. When booking for a flight or a lodging, don’t forget to let them know about your condition. This way, they can make necessary preparations for your specialised needs.


Tip #3: Write down your accommodation address

Riding a bus or a cab can be exceptionally difficult when you have a hearing loss. To ensure that you will be able to communicate the correct address of your lodging to the driver, write it down on a paper or in your smartphone and show it every time you have to be in transit.


Tip #4: Learn the train stops

Learn the train stops ahead of time, so you don’t have to rely on the announcements.


Tip #5: Inform others about your condition

When talking to other people, don’t be afraid of letting them know about your hearing loss. For instance, when you’re ordering in a restaurant, it may be helpful to let the waiter know that you have a difficulty in hearing. This way, establishments can make necessary adjustments to cater to your needs.


Tip #6: Wear your hearing aid

This is the ultimate and most effective way to overcome challenges when travelling with hearing loss. Get yourself a hearing aid, which will help you listen better and travel without stress.



Speaking of hearing aids, here are some more tips and other information that you need to take note of if you want to travel hassle-free with a hearing device.

  1. Have your hearing aid cleaned and checked up before bringing it on a trip to make sure it’s working finely.
  2. Body scanner don’t usually detect hearing aids, so there’s no need for you to remove them when going through security screening processes.
  3. Clean your device daily to avoid build up of moist and wax.
  4. Always bring extra batteries wherever you go to make sure you never run out of them in the most unexpected situations.
  5. Create a checklist for your hearing aid items. Use this to double-check when leaving the hotel or packing when you’re already going back from your destination.

Preparation is the key. Take note of all these tips and give yourself that nice and worry-free vacation that you deserve. For more helpful insights about hearing loss, you may browse through our blog section here.

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