8 Tips on Getting Used to Wearing Hearing Aids

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Getting used to wearing hearing aids - Tips

It can be frustrating when hearing aids don’t seem to work the way you want them to. These devices are of good quality and if you think they are not working at the moment, chances are, you are still unfamiliar with the basic functionalities or you don’t know what to expect. 

Tips on getting used to your hearing aids

Whilst you are still in the process of getting used to what you hear now, here is a list of things to be done to make sure your adjustment period runs smoothly:

  1. Consider wearing hearing aids only for a couple of hours each day. You see, your listening process can be a lot different when you first wear them so give yourself a break.
  2. Don’t get disappointed when listening to your own voice. If you’re suffering from hearing loss for a long time, then it takes a while for your brain to recognise the sound.
  3. Practise with a hearing care professional to check whether or not you are still on the right track. Hearing and speaking are both important. These areas must be evaluated through a series of hearing exercises or listening rehabilitation sessions. It is a great idea to do this in groups.
  4.  Staying in a private room will help you to concentrate and focus on areas where it needs further hearing improvement. A person with hearing loss must be capable of addressing concerns to the assigned hearing care specialist.  
  5. Never maximise the hearing aids’ volume control as this may affect your ear’s natural ability to hear. Remember not to do this especially if you have this hearing condition for a few months or so. 
  6. After the initial hearing care assessment, there are patients who assume that they can be on their own. Keep in mind that you need guidance to quickly recover from your current hearing condition. Willingness to undergo hearing treatment is necessary. 
  7. Listen to a good voice recording but make sure that the speaker talks slowly. Doing this helps a person with hearing loss to follow. 
  8. Never ignore instruction manuals for hearing aids. You and your close relatives can help each other to reach hearing objectives. 

It is normal for first-time wearers to feel intimidated by new hearing devices. So, we have created this list to serve as a guide and enable confidence in meeting new people. It can be a long way for patients to process everything, but our hearing care professionals provide the best hearing solutions in Singapore.

Adjusting to your new found hearing can be challenging and when someone is managing hearing impairment well, it resonates with a lot of people going through the same dilemma.  

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