How To Pair Your Hearing Aids with your Smartphone

Take advantage of your hearing aids' connectivity feature. Here's how you can pair them with your smartphone. See guide...

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How To Pair Your Hearing Aids with your Smartphone

The world of wireless technology is undeniably daunting. Now, we can connect our devices safely and securely to our phones and take control of the settings with simple taps. Hearing aids are not exempted.

There are several made-for-smartphone hearing aids on the market these days. Bluetooth technology allows you to send the sounds from your phone, laptop, or tablet straight to your hearing aids. You can operate your hearing aids as wireless headphones, to say the least. However, some hearing aids with Bluetooth are not smartphone-compatible — only those designated Made for iPhone or Android.

Setting up is simple and hassle-free. It is the same whether you have an iPhone or Android-compatible hearing aid.

Bluetooth connectivity

A smartphone with Bluetooth is essential if you are connecting your hearing aid with your device. Make sure you also download your device app (some devices are controlled by their apps).

Bluetooth technology in hearing aids has dramatically advanced the hearing aid wearing experience and enables hearing aids to double as highly-personalized devices. It's an example of intelligently using today's wireless hearing aid technology, providing comfort for hearing aid wearers.

Connecting your device

On your iPhone, go back to the Settings app. Scroll down, locate Accessibility, and choose it. Scroll midway down that menu, locate Hearing Devices, and tap it. Your hearing aids must be listed.

On your Android phone, once you turn on Bluetooth, your phone must have initiated "looking" for other Bluetooth-enabled devices to merge to. Within seconds, your hearing aids must be listed.

Note: For iPhones and Android, if your phone doesn't list your hearing aids within a few seconds, you must open and close the battery doors or place them on the recharger. This turns them off again, allowing your phone to locate them.

Select them when your phone finally records your hearing aids as an option. They will begin connecting, which could take up to 30 seconds or a minute.

Choosing what to stream to your hearing aids

Some smartphones can stream a comprehensive variety of audio to your hearing aids, such as phone calls, music, audio from videos you're watching, notification sounds, and virtual keyboard clicks.

You may enjoy all these sounds, or you might see them overwhelming. To guarantee that you're hearing the sounds you like, follow these simple steps:

  • Stream only phone calls to your Apple devices on iOS 13 or later? Allow you device to turn off all notifications by heading to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices > Audio Routing > Media Audio and selecting "Never Hearing Devices."
  • For Android users, hearing aid users should disable apps that stream audio.
  • If you want to stream audio from preferred apps to your hearing aids, Android and iPhone users should choose Settings > Notifications and confirm that Sounds are turned on or off suitable for each application.

*** Android users may disable all app sounds with a single switch.

To utilize your hearing aids to stay interconnected to your network of friends and family and your latest audio devices, talk to our hearing care professional about wireless hearing aids, Bluetooth streaming, and Made for iPhone™ hearing aids.

Already a hearing aid user? If you wish to upgrade, you may contact one of our hearing clinics in Singapore and ask about specific hearing aids. Our hearing professionals will reassess and provide the perfect hearing aid options. Use our directory to find The Listening Lab near you.

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