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Home visit hearing care

In the course of being in the hearing care industry, we have encountered all sorts of reasons why patients refuse to get a hearing device—denial, resistance to change, cost, etc. One of these many reasons include time constraint, which is completely understandable. In today’s day and age where our lives have become more and more hectic by the minute, every second counts.

That’s why hearing care clinics in Singapore have started offering home visits. The aim is to reach more people who are in need but don’t have the luxury of time to go to the clinic. However, while this service sounds great, it still has its corresponding downsides. This will be our discussion for today. We will try to weigh the pros and cons of home visits for hearing care.

Pros of Home Visits for Hearing Care

Pros #1: The focus is on you.

Unlike in a clinic where people are lined up and waiting for their turn, here, the focus is on you. It also gives the patient and the clinician a deeper and more personal relationship, which makes it easier for the hearing professional to understand the needs of the patient.

Pros #2: You are at your most comfortable environment.

Hearing loss has a certain stigma that makes the patients uncomfortable to seek help. This is why home visits are a good way to start. Is there anywhere more comfortable than your own home? No need to worry about what other people will think. It’s just you, your family, and your hearing professional, so you can freely tell and ask anything you have in your mind.

Cons of Home Visits for Hearing Care

Con #1: Hearing professionals won’t always be available for appointment.

Because you will be requesting a home visit, hearing professionals from the clinic would have to devote a huge bulk of their schedule in going to you. Your regular one may not always be able to make time, especially for immediate appointments.

Con #2: Not all equipment can be made available.

Your hearing professional will not have all his equipment with him, as it is not possible to bring everything from the hearing centre to you. He will have to make a guess on which ones are most suited to you, hence hearing experience in your home could be compromised.

Con #3: Home visits don’t provide accurate testings.

In a clinic, the space is made specifically for tests. All the materials are already there and assistance from fellow health care practitioners are readily available. In home visits, we sacrifice all these. There’s no access to heavy equipment that are only available in the clinic. Also, the location may not be sound for testing due to certification levels. To put it simply, home visits for hearing tests are not as accurate as to when it is done in a clinic.

Con #4: You miss out on a chance to visit a state-of-the-art clinic.

Clinics like Listening Lab are designed to make you feel safe and at home. While your home is probably the most comfortable place you can ever be, availing home visits takes away the chance of experiencing a world class hearing care service.

Con #5: This may lead to negligence of doctor appointments.

Knowing that you have the ability to call in a hearing professional can also be dangerous. This may cause you to neglect your follow-up checkups just because you think you can always schedule a home visit anytime.

Out of all the points listed above, the most important thing to consider when booking for a home visit is whether or not you’re willing to sacrifice quality over convenience. Us here at Listening Lab personally recommends the service to those who really have no time to visit our clinic. But if you do have, we are more than glad to welcome you here. Just remember that at the end of the day, our goal is to take care of your hearing in the best way we can.

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