The Dos and Don’ts of Hearing Aid Repair

hearing aid repair dos donts

Hearing aids are heaven sent devices that have helped many people deal with their hearing loss problems. All thanks to the power of technology, these devices continue to improve, equally enhancing the lives of those who are wearing it.

But while each hearing aid in the market today has undoubtedly been remarkably done, it is unavoidable for these devices to malfunction when damaged. Don’t worry, most incidents can be fixed by repairing it. But to avoid incurring further damage on your device, make sure to follow these dos and don’ts.

1. Do change the battery

One possible suspect for why your hearing aid is malfunctioning is its battery. Without noticing it, you may have already used up all its juice. Battery life depends on different factors such as the size and style of your hearing aid, the frequency and span of usage, as well as the preferred amplification. 

As an example, if you’re using it daily for more than 12 hours straight at the highest volume, this eats up a lot of battery.

2. Do clean the device

Like any other device, your hearing aid can gather dirt and dust. This is the effect of many factors such as wax buildup. It’s a good thing to know how you can maintain and keep your device as clean as possible. However, the best thing to go about this is by having it cleaned by a hearing aid professional. These people make use of the right tools and know very well how to handle fragile devices.

3. Do visit your hearing health professional

When your hearing aid suddenly stops working, don’t consider buying a new one just yet. Schedule a visit to your trusted hearing health professional and have them checked for any issues. Being the experts, they are well-knowledgeable about the ins and outs of your hearing device. They can absolutely tell whether your device can still be repaired or you need to find a brand new hearing aid already.

4. Don’t try to repair it yourself

If you think your device has been damaged, do not attempt to fix it by yourself. Your hearing aid is an intricate device made of tiny fragile pieces. Trying to repair it without proper knowledge may lead to further damages. Head your way to a hearing aid professional and have it fixed by an expert.

5. Do consider getting a new device

For many times, we’ve talked about the different tips you can do to ensure your hearing aids last for as long as you want. But technology improves and better models with finer features are regularly introduced. Just like any other devices, there may come a time that you would need to let go of your hearing aid. 

Scout the market for a new hearing aid that will perfectly fit your lifestyle. There are many affordable and cost-efficient hearing aids that us here at Listening Lab can recommend. To give you a brief example, rechargeable hearing aids can save you from spending money on batteries.

Take note of these dos and don’ts so you know the things to do when you encounter such unfortunate incidents. If you want to learn more about our hearing aid maintenance service, contact us at +65 6817 5100.

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